About us

About us

We have been present in the field of printing industry for over 20 years. But PRESprint was established as an independent crafting workshop in 2003 and it expanded the business of the company. For all these years of work PRESprint reached the high quality and good image of a stable company in our market. Long-term cooperation with many companies which send our products as well as packaging and accompanying printed material of their products to the European market speaks about the quality of our products. This in itself speaks of the high quality that meets all international standards.


With high quality equipment, great staff expertise we provide high quality products and services, which is our top priority at competitive prices with short delivery times.

Product Line

PRESprint includes a wide range of cardboard packaging and printed materials. We make advertising flyers, note pads, magazines, books, posters, business cards, advertising banners, stickers, labels, catalogues, folders, calendars, fine packaging, corrugated cardboard boxes, transportation packaging, micro perforated honeycomb panels…


We can provide complete service for your production, from design and prepress of all kinds of products, word processing and layout for printing. As completion of the finished printed materials and final control, PRESprint has the department for finishing and processing of printed materials: bending, perforating, stamping, spiral binding, paperback edition, hardcover, sewing of books…

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