Pasteboard boxes

Pasteboard boxes

STAMPED PACKAGING To crop forms of printed material or fine packaging it is necessary to use special tools. PRESprint owns some of the standard tools, but for special requests and forms it is necessary to develop tools according to special measures, which increases the cost for the ordering party only at the first order.

If desired, the packaging can be printed in one or two colors, and there is the possibility of printing of a box in full color which is achieved by lamination of corrugated cardboard.

BOXES FOR MOVING Packing and sorting of clothes, books, dishes is an inevitable part of moving. We offer you boxes at affordable prices and, where appropriate, we delivered to your address so that you would have fewer problems with the safety of transport. TRANSPORTATION PACKAGING ensures the rational manipulation during transportation and storage, protects the goods from possible mechanical damage and damage from the environment. The boxes that are made in the context of transport packaging are made of: corrugated cardboard, three-layer cardboard, five-layer cardboard, laminated cardboard … it is used in food and chemical industries, production of furniture, metal industry, textile industry, etc. Internal supplements for transportation boxes … boxes for moving…

MICRO PERFORATED HONEYCOMB PANELS We offer perforated honeycomb panels made of bogus paper with weight of 180g. It is used by the manufacturers of internal-layered plywood doors and as a filling for furniture, school boards, partition walls, interior insulation in construction, food and chemical industry, electrical industry… It is also used as a replacement for Styrofoam, protective boards, the production pallets. We distinguish corrugated paper by the number of layers and the wave height.

  • E-wave corrugated paper height is 1.25 mm
  • B-wave   small wave height is 2.6 mm
  • C-wave large wave height is 3.6 mm
  • By combining the waves, we get five-layered cardboard
  • BC –wave 6.2 mm
  • EC –wave  4.9 mm




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