Digital printing of smaller formats

Digital printing of smaller formats (up to 330×488 mm)

Digital printing of small format is increasingly present in our market. It offers a quick and economical solution for small print runs. Format of printing is 320 × 480 cm. This is a high quality type of printing designed for small and medium runs, proofs for offset and of course an advantage in time to get material within a few hours, which would take much longer in offset printing – even up to a few days. This completely simplifies the process of printing.


Digital printing can also be used for business cards, catalogs, flyers, posters, invitations, various brochures, tickets with bar-code or numbering, menus, posters, calendars, adhesive labels, labels, etc. Prepared material goes straight into a machine directly from the computer and the machine prints dozens of prints in the given format within a few minutes. It is also very economical, because there is no refuse. It is possible to print on a variety of high-quality FABRIA cardboards of different colors and textures, on adhesive paper, tracing paper, self-adhesive paper…

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